Halls Pond GARDENS

The Nursery

Halls Pond Gardens specializes in hardy succulents and rock garden plants. We carry a large selection of Sempervivum (hens and chicks), Sedums and many rock garden plants. We also have natural rock forms and stone containers with the succulents growing in them. Sempervivum and some sedums will grow directly on rocks and in walls and need no care once established.

The Sempervivums (hens and chicks) need well drained soil and can survive drought remarkably well once they get established. There are about 3000 different varieties as they hybridize readily. They color up beautifully and change with the seasons. Their texture and form combined with the colors make a beautiful natural art form that can be used in the garden in a multitudes of ways. They can also be grown in containers and are shown off nicely this way. The chicks are attached to the mother plant and can be separated and placed in small amount of soil and will create another colony.

The Sedums we offer are low growing, rock covering plants. Their colors and forms make a beautiful addition to the rock garden. Most can tolerate drought once established. They will grow in full sun and partial shade, preferring well drained soil. They increase by their leaves touching the soil as they ramble, rooting as they grow.

Thymes, Dianthus, Alpine Willows and other low growing plants are also offered. Most are easy to please and fit well into the rock garden.

The Garden Rocks are a local layered stone. Sempervivums have been planted into the crevices and surfaces. They slowly multiply and fill in the spaces. They grow best in sun but benefit from partial shade. Soil is added to the plants yearly and chicks are planted into open spaces as they produce.

Come stroll through the gardens and get inspired to create your own rock gardens.


May–June: Wed–Mon, 10am–5pm (Closed Tues)

July–Oct: Thurs–Mon, 10am–5pm (Closed Tues & Wed)